The Project Process:

What do places around us mean to us?
Local places of significance to a neighbourhood / community are as important as the grand or rare, more so because they are generally ignored.

Why identify locally significant places and things i.e places/things of importance to a group of people?
By focusing attention on the significance of familiar surroundings/places it is hoped to create a sense of pride and make the group / residents want to be demonstrative and take action to make these places better for them.

Who will identify these places?
Work with different community groups (children, teenagers, adults, associations...) to understand what they consider culturally significant or consider has value in familiar surroundings (the area around their home and school /work). Gradually extend the dialogue from Bangalore to other rural and urban settings, nationwide.

How will these places be identified?
The Nakshay team will try to understand community perspective without influencing them in anyway. Through a series of interactions the team will try to bring up what a community considers culturally significant. Here, the uniqueness of the approach is also that this will be attempted through dialogue and discussion without using words like 'culture' or 'heritage' to trigger responses.


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