Research Questions:

    Some questions raised currently, which we will address as the project progresses,

  • Why the stress on bottom up approach? Why not continue with top down? Does the community matter so much?

  • Why the general tendency to assume that community value is 'unspectacular and commonplace' i.e. 'vernacular' while the expert value is the 'grand monument'?

  • Would the methodology be the same for urban and rural areas or would it differ?

  • Any change perceived in the community over time due to our intervention? How do we verify this?

  • Are we just presenting the data or interpreting it in anyway? Can we do both?


  • 11-13 Jul 2014, University of York-ICOMOS conference 2014: Engaging Conservation: Communities and Capacity Building in Conservation Practice, international conference paper presentation 'Linking people and heritage: Lessons from community engagement initiatives'

  • 18 - 20 Nov 2013, Built Heritage 2013 international conference oral paper presentation and online proceedings, 'Nakshay - a community led culture mapping initiative, an attempt towards best practices and successful conservtion'

Other Systems:

    Commonground is a UK national charity that supports and encourages community participation.

    Its focus is on the environment and it actively seeks to present community viewpoint. Nakshay focuses on heritage and leaves further action to the community's discretion.


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