Advisors / Mentors

Course Leader, Building Conservation programme, Uni. of Portsmouth, UK


Dr Zeynep Aygen made it possible for Krupa to come over as a Visiting Scholar in Spring 2010 and spend time at the University library and engage with a number of experts including herself, thus helping Krupa better understand current academic thought on the role of communities in conservation.

She overseered Krupa's trial mapping project on Curzon Howe Road, Portsmouth and helped her meet with the community engagement officer at Victoria & Albert Museum to understand how large-scale national museums reach out to the community.

Co-Founders of Commonground, UK



Susan Clifford and Angela King have backgrounds in planning, habitat conservation and environment. They founded Common Ground to help local people to explore and show the significance of their local surroundings to those who would change them. The charity champions democratic involvement in localities and focuses on Local Distinctiveness. has examples of Parish Maps.

Krupa spent some time with them in Spring 2010 to understand the charity's working process and came back with loads of ideas, encouragement and reading material.
Community Outreach Officer, Mary Rose Trust
Trevor Sapey has a background in Heritage Management. Krupa spent a couple of months in 2010 tagging along behind Trevor while he engaged with a wide variety of groups ranging from Brownies (Girl Guides) to Dementia Support Groups as part of his work profile at the Mary Rose and had practical exposure in how to engage with different groups at different levels.
Community Engagement Consultant

Dr Carolyne Haynes has a background in Architecture and is currently an independent museums and institutions professional. Krupa received a number of useful and practical pointers in engaging with rural communities especially the notion of Village Design Statements and Parish Plans.

Development Studies Consultant

Dr Shashikala Sitaram is a Mysore based Research Consultant. A chance meeting with her led Krupa to discuss the project and its ramifications with Dr Sitaram, who offered invaluable advice on project methodology, taking it to rural areas and engaging with the Panchayat system.



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