Conservation Architect and Lead-Community Initiatives at Saythu, Krupa Rajangam is part of the Core team.

Her internship at SPAFA to study different conservation systems led her to consider the idea of getting communities to map their cultural heritage. The idea (in various forms) has been revolving in her mind for a few years now and she is really glad thats its finally taken off.
Conservation Architect and Lead-Conservation Projects at Saythu Pankaj Modi is part of the Core team.

He was one of the first to hear about Krupa's idea of community led culture mapping. The two found common ground in their shared belief in community engagement and threshed out the idea into a concrete workable form.
Architect Sonalika Dugar is in charge of Rich Media Documentation of the project.

Architect Aparna Shastri is our Project Resource especially when it comes to sessions in Kannada.

Aparna and Sonalika were won over fairly quickly because they were happy to work with students and help Krupa & Pankaj test project feasibility.



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